Benefits for our customers

The four main benefits for our customers


Access to a hand-picked product portfolio of competitive and high-quality industrial components

Through our multi stage selection process, we guarantee the highest European product quality and are continuously developing our portfolio together with our suppliers. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the collection of industrial components we offer is tailored to the needs of our customers. In addition to meeting the highest quality standards, our industrial components are characterized in particular by their (?)


Simplified purchasing process thanks to fewer suppliers

Do you have a separate manufacturer and supplier for every industrial component, and therefore have to contend with different ordering processes, delivery conditions, and invoices too? Then you could save yourself a great deal of time and energy with CONTOR Automation. How? With CONTOR Automation, you can order the products you need centrally through just one ordering process, receive a combined invoice, and handle the delivery with a single contact partner.


Short delivery times thanks to effective logistics

Ensuring that product deliveries are handled effectively is one of the most important tasks of every trading company. Accordingly, all official CONTOR Automation manufacturers are inspected to ensure they meet your delivery conditions and our logistics processes are continuously being refined. Thanks to the CONTOR Automation warehouse in the heart of Germany, we are able to reliably deliver every product with short lead times.


Superb customer service through state-of-the-art technical expertise

As a result of the increasing automation of production plants and processes, the industrial components customers need are also constantly being developed. The high requirements placed on these components mean that the products are also becoming more and more technically demanding, making it all the more important to offer customers service with the requisite technical expertise. At CONTOR Automation, expert service employees work together with you to find the solution to your technical challenges

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