Benefits for our manufacturers

The six main benefits for our manufacturers


Access to an effective international sales network

The team from CONTOR Automation has many years of experience in the sale of high-quality industrial components throughout Europe. The focal point of the extensive sales network is Germany – the continent’s largest market for industrial components. The access to this network and the associated contact points with leading industrial companies puts our official CONTOR Automation manufacturers on the radar of their target groups and provides them with direct insights into how the products are used.


Improved sales performance through marketing within the exclusive CONTOR Automation product portfolio

The market for industrial components is fiercely competitive – especially in Germany. Direct marketing measures from smaller manufacturers are therefore often overlooked by major decision-makers. The combination of a number of high-quality products and manufacturers like those found in the exclusive CONTOR Automation product portfolio presents a superb opportunity to implement marketing measures in an efficient and targeted manner so that they are best placed to achieve success.


Effective multi channel marketing strategy

When it comes to marketing the exclusive CONTOR Automation industrial components, the CONTOR Automation marketing team pursues a multi channel marketing strategy. Based on the target group, the right channels are selected for marketing activities and synergies between the individual channels are exploited. So partners can rest assured that the industrial components offered by CONTOR Automation receive the best possible promotion – whether in a newsletter, through a Google AdWords campaign, in a print folder, or at a trade fair stand.


All customer communication handled for you

Professional customer communication is the basis for every successful business relationship, and the same is true when it comes to the trade of industrial components. Our CONTOR Automation customer service team takes care of all customer communication for our manufacturers, from the order through to the delivery. This allows our brands to concentrate their time and resources on their key concerns – producing and innovating internationally outstanding industrial components!


Feedback for product development based on the requirements of customers’ applications

For smaller manufacturing companies in particular, it is often not possible for them to obtain information from customers on how their products are being used and are performing. Through direct contact between CONTOR Automation and end customers, we have access to all customer information that is relevant for product development. CONTOR Automation provides this information to its manufacturers to enable the further strategic development of their products.


Logistics solutions to meet customer needs

When it comes to logistics, we comply with the highest international standards. We offer our production partners effective logistics solutions which meet the requirements of our customers and our service philosophy, enabling us to guarantee superb customer satisfaction and create the basis for long-term business relationships.

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