About us

The link between yesterday and tomorrow

At the start of the industrial revolution, there was an institution extending across the European continent which promoted industrial progress like no other – the “kontors”! Through trade with the first industrial components, they opened the door to a new era – the era of global industry.

The kontors were the original home of industrial trade. They revolutionized logistics, enabled innovation, and created countless values which allowed them to become a pillar of prosperity and economic progress. Following in the footsteps of the ideals they stood for, we trade high-quality industrial components from exceptional European manufacturers across borders and across sectors with the aim of advancing industrial progress. The kontors redefined the future of production. CONTOR Automation aims to continue their legacy.

Our business model

As an aspirational trading company, we establish a link between our manufacturers and our customers and strive to create maximum added value on both sides. In order to achieve this, we are constantly looking for the best European manufacturers that offer the highest level of quality at a competitive price. We choose our manufacturers by means of a multistage selection process which involves meticulously testing their production methods, their products, and their innovative strength. This multi stage selection process ensures the exclusivity of the range of products we offer. What’s more, we continually adapt our product portfolio to the requirements and needs of each local market we serve. Our hand-picked manufacturers benefit from access to international sales, effective marketing measures across all available channels, and our extensive experience in local markets. In a nutshell, we ensure that our production partners get their turn in the limelight. We are also on hand to manage all customer-related communication.

In addition to exceptional product quality, we guarantee that our customers receive superb customer service through state-of-the-art technical expertise, cost-effective and rapid logistics solutions, and the continuous further development of our product portfolio for specific customer applications. Working together with CONTOR Automation, our customers are able to streamline their purchasing processes and reduce their stock management overheads. These are the qualities that make us the perfect strategic supplier.

Our vision

We pursue two main aims: On the one hand, we are striving to provide small to medium-sized German industrial companies and the electrical wholesale trade with access to an attractive yet affordable product portfolio of high-quality industrial components. On the other, we are working together with our manufacturers, known as European Hidden Champion Manufacturers, to make the German industrial sector aware of the high-quality products these manufacturers are offering at competitive prices.