Signaling Devices

Signaling equipment is used in virtually all manufacturing sectors and beyond, and provides indicators and status displays to protect both people and machinery. Innovation is therefore essential when developing and manufacturing signaling equipment. In order to comply with increasingly complex safety regulations and to meet the needs of the sophisticated applications, signaling equipment is continuously being developed further. The signaling equipment in our versatile product portfolio can be used in all application environments and for all functional areas.

Our range of signaling equipment includes

In most categories of signaling equipment, we stock both panel mount and surface mount versions. Simply click through our range of signaling technology and discover our high-quality and innovative signaling equipment for yourself.

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Reliable signaling technology

Signaling devices are used in almost all manufacturing industries and beyond, serving as indicators and status displays to protect people and machinery. They are central components for safeguarding and controlling production processes. Accordingly, the signaling devices must be developed and produced in an innovative manner. In order to meet the increasingly complex safety regulations and demanding applications, signaling technology is also subject to continuous further development.

11 questions to get the right signaling device


Knowing which signaling solution is best suited for which application is not easy and requires a certain amount of know-how. Auer Signal, the internationally operating producer and expert in signaling technology, has condensed their decades of know-how into a short and clear white paper to provide all interested parties with a decision-making guide when choosing the right signaling solution.
With 11 concrete questions, this white paper helps you to define your requirements precisely and supports you in the right selection of your signaling device.


  • Decades of signaling know-how summarized on 23 pages
  • Checklist for your right signaling solution
  • 11 concrete questions for choosing the right signaling device
  • Tips for purchasing a signaling solution

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The right signal tower for your applications

Depending on the requirements and the application, different signal towers are used. That's why our portfolio includes signal towers in various designs and technical specifcations - from compact warning lights for simple requirements and high volumes to more complex modular signal towers for special and technically demanding applications.

All our signal towers are characterized by highest material quality and performance, long-term reliability, high protection classes and most innovative technical solutions.

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Our signal lights ensure optimum safety

Signal lamps or warning lamps indicate the operating status of machines and systems and thus make an important contribution to the safety of employees and their production processes. Our signal lights convince with a high-tech calotte design, which enables a signal effect in all directions.

In our portfolio you will find LED strobe lights, flashing lights, LED continuous lights as well as multifunctional lights. Depending on the model, our signal lights are designed as recessed or surface mounted lights.

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Audible alarms

Our signal horns, multi-tone sirens, piezo buzzers and alarm clocks are used on special vehicles and cranes, among other things. Since the visibility of an optical device is limited or not given at all there, one relies on acoustic signals. The volume of our acoustic signaling devices reaches up to 127 dB.

With an IP protection of IP66 and an impact resistance of IK09, our acoustic signaling devices are also suitable for use in extreme conditions.

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Signaling that can be seen and heard: Our visual-audible signaling devices

Some machines and production processes require acoustic signals in addition to visual signaling to warn employees of hazards or process changes. Optical-acoustic signaling devices are available for these requirements. They combine a luminous signal (e.g. continuous light) with an acoustic signal (e.g. multi-tone siren).

The visual-audible signaling devices in our portfolio achieve a volume of up to 127 dB and an output of up to 400 candela. They are used in mechanical engineering, automotive plants and production automation, among other applications.

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