Audible alarms

Audible signaling devices (including signal horns, sirens, and alarm sirens) are there to warn of immediate dangers and to make people aware of any changes to processes. When it comes to selecting our audible signaling devices, the most important quality criteria are volume, protection class, and impact resistance. In addition, we demand long-term reliability – a factor which rests on the material quality and the processing of the product to the highest industrial standards. The audible signaling devices in our portfolio are able to satisfy all of these requirements. Depending on the area of application, our audible signaling devices are available with volumes of between 65 dB and 127 dB. Our portfolio of audible signaling devices comprises electronic sounders such as multi-tone alarm sounders, piezo buzzers, M22 and M28 panel mount buzzers, and surface mount buzzers. In the electromechanical audible signaling device category, we stock mini horns, signal horns, motor sirens, and bells.

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