Digital load cells

We offer a broad range of digital load cells with a patented capacitive measurement technology. In our portfolio, you can find compression load cells, single point load cells, beam load cells, tension load cells, heavy duty load cells and much more.

All of our load cells are manufactured by the danish company Eilersen. Our digital load cells are suitable for tank and silo weighing, level measurement, dynamic weighing, belt scales, heavy duty scales and much more.

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Digital load cells

The first load cells were located in industrial scales. With them, measurements of various masses could be carried out more safely, precisely and efficiently. Today, measuring instruments still play an important role in a variety of industrial processes. Besides traditional load cells, digital load cells are increasingly used. Here the entire measuring chain is digital: The load cells record weight and mass and communicate the results to weighing modules. These transmit the recorded data to weighing indicators and IT systems. Capacitive load cells are, among other things, insensitive to shock, vibration, time, environment and weight - influences which, in the case of traditional load cells, affect the result and also the service life.

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