Signal lights

Signal beacons are an essential element when it comes to safety in industrial and public areas. They are also used across all sectors of industry to indicate the operating state of machines and systems. As a result, signal beacons and indicator lights have an important role to play in ensuring the safety of employees and their production processes. In our product catalog, you will find a wide range of signal beacons of various designs and specifications to suit every application. Our portfolio of signal beacons includes LED strobe beacons, flashing beacons, indicator lights, LED steady beacons, rotating mirror beacons, and rotating beacons, which are constructed as panel mount or surface mount beacons depending on the model. Our signal beacons are characterized by innovative, technical in-depth solutions, a high protection class, high-grade, weatherproof polycarbonate, and a wide range of operating voltages, diameters, brightness levels, and colors.

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