CONTOR Automation meets Eilersen

Now new in our product portfolio: Capacitive weighing systems

We are happy to have Eilersen as another strong partner on our side!

The Danish company with its second headquarters in Switzerland has been developing high-quality industrial sensors for measuring force and weight for over 50 years. The products from Eilersen include digital weighing terminals, scales, weighing solutions and digital load cells with capacitive digital technology. We are pleased to have this international specialist for weighing solutions as a partner at our side with immediate effect.

Weighing systems as an essential part of the automation industry

Als wesentlicher Bestandteil der Automatisierungsindustrie müssen Wiegesysteme robust und extrem präzise sein. Um dies zu gewährleisten, hat Eilersen eine kapazitive und weltweit patentierte Messtechnologie entwickelt. Digitale Messsysteme auf Basis dieser Messtechnologie haben eine hohe Toleranz gegenüber Stößen und Überlastungen und sind dazu in der Lage präzise für alle Anwendungen verlässliche Messergebnisse zu liefern. Zudem eliminiert eine digitalisierte Messkette das Risiko von Fehlern.

Discover our new product portfolio

In the course of the partnership, we are expanding our product portfolio to include the category "weighing systems". This includes digital capacitive load cells, weighing modules and weighing indicators.

Digital capacitive load cells

Measuring devices play an important role in a variety of industrial processes. Digital load cells are increasingly being used. They record weight and mass and communicate the results to so-called weighing modules. Via the weighing modules, the recorded data is transmitted to weighing indicators and to IT systems. This digitises the entire measurement chain.

The digital capacitive load cells are made of stainless steel and hermetically sealed by laser welding to IP68. They are ideal for use in complex and demanding industrial applications.

In our portfolio you will find, among other things, load cells with integrated anti-lift devices, hygienic compression load cells, compact digital hygienic bending beam load cells as well as ATEX and IECEx certified load cells.

Learn more about the digital load cells here.

Weighing module

Weighing modules are used to transmit the measurement results of the load cell to the weighing indicators, as well as to IT systems. The weighing modules in our portfolio are quick and easy to install, take care of measured value preparation and filtering, and make integrated weight and mass diagnostics possible.

Discover our innovative Eilersen weighing modules. For applications with increased protection requirements, we also offer weighing modules with ATEX and IECEx certification.

Weighing indicator

After the digital load cell has recorded weight and mass, it transmits this data to the weighing indicator via a weighing module. The weighing indicators in our portfolio are equipped with digital signal processors for displaying and processing the data. The touch keyboards impress with their durability and ease of use.

If you would like to learn more about our weighing indicators, click here.