CONTOR Automation stands for safety all along the line.

Wenn es um Sicherheit geht, kennen wir keine Ausnahmen. Dies gilt auch für unseren Piezo-Summer ESK-S10*, der sich unter anderem auch ideal für Aufzüge eignet.

For absolute safety in hazardous situations

The European standard DIN EN 81-73 | 2016-06 (Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Particular applications for passenger and goods passenger lifts - Part 73: Behaviour of lifts in the event of fire) specifies the particular measures and safety rules to ensure a certain behaviour of lifts in the event of fire, based on transmitted fire alarm signals to the lift controller**.

The ESK-S10 buzzer meets all the requirements of this standard and is available at an attractive price. This makes it a rarity on the market.

When signals save lives

The DIN EN 81-73 | 2016-06 standard describes, among other things, how important signals are in a dangerous situation. A fire in a building requires the rapid evacuation of all persons inside. If there are people in a lift, it must react accordingly to allow them to leave as quickly as possible in a safe place. Signals can be life-saving.

In the case of a lift, the return device generates an appropriate signal so that it travels to a destination stop. According to DIN EN 81-73 | 2016-06, when such a signal is received, all command devices in the stops and in the car must be rendered ineffective. In addition, all accepted travel commands must be deleted automatically. The emergency call button as well as the "DOOR OPEN" button must remain effective.

At the same time, an audible signal, between 35dB(A) and 65 dB(A) must sound in the car and in the relevant installation locations of the power unit and control unit, as long as the lift is in the return control, for example. The default volume setting shall be 55dB(A). As soon as the return control is switched off, the signal must stop.

Safety does not have to be expensive

Most buzzers with an adjustable volume in this range are expensive or do not have the possibility of adjustment. Due to the existing price pressure, the piezo buzzer is often used, which is not adjustable. However, lift manufacturers take a risk that should not be underestimated. We have made it our goal to offer our customers affordable safety. Our piezo buzzer ESK-S10 is therefore available at an attractive price*** and the volume is individually adjustable.

You want to make your lifts safer with adjustable buzzers? Contact us! We are happy to advise you and support you in the implementation!

*Special production


***Please note the delivery time of 9 weeks for the first order and 4 weeks for further orders.