1 Year CONTOR Automation

When we presented the CONTOR Automation brand in January 2020, we had no idea that we had chosen one of the most turbulent years for the launch. What worked well one day could no longer be done exactly the same way the next. We had to react flexibly to the external circumstances in order to be able to operate successfully and to be there for our customers during this difficult time.

During the crisis, our focus and motivation was always on the goal we had set ourselves at the beginning: To offer industrial components of the highest European quality at the best prices on the German industrial market. We succeeded in doing this, despite all the hurdles that the crisis brought with it. In addition to signaling devices from Auer Signal, you can now find industrial switches and weighing solutions in our offer.

January 2020

Industrial switches from the center of northern Italy

A year ago, we were able to gain a strong partner from the center of northern Italy: Comepi has been developing and producing electromechanical components for industrial applications for more than 30 years and acts as a reliable partner for industrial automation and mechanical engineering.

In our portfolio you will find a wide range of limit switches, push buttons and control units, foot switches and enclosures as well as safety switches and safety modules manufactured by Comepi in the center of Northern Italy.

Events in times of crisis

Many events were canceled last year. So it was all the more pleasing in September when the "all about automation" in Essen could take place under the strictest security conditions. Despite the mask and the safety distance, it was a pleasant change and a wonderful opportunity to have personal conversations again and to present our products to interested parties.

September 2020

Weighing technology from Denmark

With the Danish company Eilersen, we were able to gain another strong partner in September 2020. The international specialist for weighing solutions has been developing high-quality industrial sensors for measuring force and weight for more than 50 years. The patented capacitive measurement technology developed in-house ensures precise measurement results.

As part of the cooperation, we have expanded our portfolio to include the category of weighing systems. This includes digital capacitive load cells, weighing modules and weighing indicators.

We have managed to successfully overcome the challenges of the crisis so far. Not least, this is also thanks to you. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation over the past year.

We wish you a successful 2021 and look forward to continuing our good cooperation!